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Education, Schools & Government Attorney Serving Columbus, Ohio

If you're dealing with a legal issue involving education, schools, or the government, it’s important to reach out for guidance. See how I can assist you in Central or Southern Ohio with any of the following matters:

  • Administrative Law

  • Civil Rights

  • Discrimination

  • Government Agencies and Programs

  • IEPs

  • Licensing Hearings

  • Disciplinary Hearings

  • Sexual Harassment in Schools

  • Bullying in Schools

  • Education Litigation

  • Special Education

  • State/Local/Municipal Law

  • Student Rights

  • Teacher Abuse

  • Title IX

  • Universities

  • Wrongful Terminations

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When it comes to education, the government, and how they intersect, you’ll need an attorney who has spent decades practicing in this legal landscape. Set up a free telephone conversation with me to begin collaborating on a solution to meet your unique goals.